Cultivating Awareness and Creating Lasting Change

As I’ve practiced yoga over the years, I’ve found that right about the same time I realize that there is a stuck spot in my body, is right about the time I start to bring it to balance or heal.  It doesn’t matter whether the “stuckness” is physical, emotional or spiritual – when the awareness comes – then I can take the steps to bring it to balance and harmony.

For myself,  I’ve discovered that some things don’t seem to want to shift too easily!  Although the yoga poses and the meditation practice starts to bring things to balance – sometimes I feel like I’m ready to move a “stuckness” more efficiently.

The subconscious mind holds on to some interesting things even when consciously we feel ready to release.  Just like in order to feel nurtured we might eat, or to feel macho a guy might smoke, or we might manifest pain in order to avoid a vulnerable situation.  But at some point these defense mechanisms may be outdated.    Through the cultivation of awareness of self – we may have the mature skills to nurture ourselves, or feel self-confident or address a vulnerable circumstance, but there can be a feeling inside that stops us from actually doing it.

Enter Hypnosis.  With hypnosis, we can gently go into the specific programing of the unconscious, and update the  hardware.  Just like we update the operating system of our computer when the information is outdated, we can do the same thing in our mind.

Hypnosis, then is about bringing the conscious desire for change into the depths of the subconscious mind so that the underlying program supports us in creating a life that works well.