Hypnotic Pain Relief

I knew my friend was in bad pain when I heard the slur in his words as he answered the phone.  My friend, who I’ll call “B” is attended by a naturopathic physician, so I didn’t expect B to be on vicaden and flexall.  As long as I’ve known him, B throws his back out occasionally and ends up missing a week or so of work.

B's Bad Back“You know I have a few little tools that can help with pain through hypnosis.   With your doctors referral, I’d be glad to help”  B got a referral from his doctor and we set a time to work together.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excruciating) B said his pain was at a constant 4-5 and spiked up 7-8 if he moved wrong.  He said it was like wearing a painful corset cinched too tight.  Additionally, he said it felt like he had a bear trap that would spring and clamp down on one side if he moved in the wrong way.

Somehow B got into a seated position and closed his eyes.  He didn’t look remotely comfortable, but was willing to follow my instructions.  We worked together in a state of waking hypnosis – meaning he was very present and communicating with me throughout the session.

For the next 35 minutes we went through a process to loosen and unravel the corset around his waist, and diffuse and soften the bear trap.  We turned both of these constructs into a soft velvety neoprene like sleeve that comfortably supported B’s lower back and gave him a feeling of safety.  We made sure this soft sleeve would communicate clearly and easily with B so if he was putting his body in a dangerous position, he would know it before any injury was caused.

At the end of the session the look of relief on my friends face and in his physical posture was profound.  On a scale of 1-10 he reported that his pain was at a zero.  Completely gone.

Coincidently, B has not thrown his back out since, and his doctor now refers other patients for hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help with both acute and chronic pain.  It can help with preparation and recovery from surgeries.  Hypnosis can be amazing for helping women prepare and go through labor and childbirth.  Hypnosis can be extremely beneficial to help manage stress and bring greater levels of grace and ease into life.  A doctors referral is required for hypnotic pain relief.