DropImagine feeling just the way you’d like to feel!

Most people are surprised to find out that hypnosis is actually a normal state of mind that every person experiences almost every day of their lives. Hypnosis is an extremely efficient state of mind that artists and athletes refer to as ‘being in the zone’. Brain wave states show hypnosis to be very similar to meditation.

Hypnotherapy, then, is getting into that state of mind on purpose and using it for some pre-selected reason. From stress management and performance enhancement to weight loss and smoking cessation, hypnosis works for motivation, improving health, eliminating fears and phobias, easing grief and finding spiritual direction. Hypnosis helps for the preparation and recovery for medical and dental procedures. Hypnosis can provide relief from pain, stop teeth grinding, provide support for childbirth and more…

I knew I had stumbled upon something powerful when a hypnosis session eliminated my daily chocolate bar!  In my first three sessions of hypnosis, I also had a profound spiritual experience that continues to provide me with inspiration.  This experience led me into a deeper exploration of the subject, and certification through the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in Long Beach, California.

Three sessions are recommended for any given goal.  Sometimes the work is done in one, and sometimes more than three are required.

1 Session $95, 3 Sessions $250

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