Akashic Records… What?

I had heard something about the Akashic Records back when I was a teaching assistant for Eric Pearl in the Reconnection. I even bought a book about it that for some reason I didn’t open.

It wasn’t until a particular hypnosis session that I decided it was a subject I needed to learn more about. I had been noticing in many of my hypnosis sessions that clients were able to go to a place within the session where they were able to grasp profound insight and wisdom to the source of problems, and/or receive clarity in a very positive way about a difficulty in life.

One day I was working with someone on confidence and focus – and one of the things we had talked about before the hypnosis session was what a difficult time she had having the particular mother she was blessed with. This woman is a teacher and her mother was always pushing her to be something different than that. In the course of the hypnosis session this woman received a message of clarity about the many gifts she received from having the particular mother she had. Without her mother’s behavior – she would not have learned the compassion she needed to be the remarkable teacher she is. Without having someone push her so hard to do something that was not her calling – she would not have learned to use her own voice in the way she did and connect with her authentic expression the way she has. At the end of the session, the relief and understanding this woman had was visible on her face and she reported later it was a life-changing event.

Somehow this session spurred in me a memory of the Akashic Records and that there was something out there accessible for this kind of information. Coincidentally a friend from the Reconnection now teaches a class on accessing the records and I enrolled in a class the next week.

When I do Akashic Readings, or teach others to read the Records, I use a pathway prayer that brings access to the heart of the Akashic Records. Using this prayer connects the reader to the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who can assist with knowledge, wisdom, clarity and healing through the records.

Akashic Readings are not psychic readings – I don’t tell fortunes or know what you’re thinking. Akashic record readings provide a source of perspective that can help you see why things are happening in your life, How you can start to shift the undesirable things, and what actions might be helpful to bring better balance into life. The Akashic records can help to unravel soul-level patterns that are imprinted but not useful to the current life and offer energetic healing that can have profound affects on emotional and physical well-being.

Although I certainly love to do Akashic Readings for folks who are interested – I know my highest passion will be to help you access the records for your own use in creating a enlightened and grace-filled life.

Getting back to Yoga

I’ve heard Bikram’s Beginning yoga class described as a “prescription.” 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises designed for total body health. The class is a prescription for well being, vitality, and harmony within systems of the body. I have always stuck with Bikram’s yoga – because this is what I have found for myself.

One of the blessings of a small town is that there are communities that are formed at places like yoga studios. The Bikram Yoga school in south Corvallis is no exception. Over the years some teachers have come and gone, but we have been left with a core group of experienced teachers that are mature in their ability to teach classes compassionately, precisely, inspire, and hold space for the difficult emotions that can present themselves in a yoga class.

This local business has always been a local business – has never been franchised and was affiliated with Bikram only for a short period in 2002. When I studied with Bikram in 2001, I understood him to tell me – just teach this class – do it the way I taught you, and the way my teachers taught me, don’t change, modify or delete. This is what we have always done here in Corvallis. Bikram Choudhury is a colorful yogi whom I have never desired to know personally, but who taught me a phenomenal subject that I know is one of the most important I’ve ever come across.

Corvallis Bikram Yoga - New Carpet

A few years ago, we cleaned up our yoga room – making improvements to air quality, cleanliness and cleanability. An additional room was added for a massage therapist and hypnosis practitioner and we are thrilled to be offering these services to help body and mind in conjunction with yoga.

If you haven’t been by our studio in a while – stop in and do our introductory package again. You may remember what is possible for your health and vitality – not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Or if you haven’t been here before – take the leap – come in try a couple weeks of classes. Find out what yoga can do for you!

Elizabeth Weber
Director, Bikram Yoga of Corvallis

Cultivating Awareness and Creating Lasting Change

As I’ve practiced yoga over the years, I’ve found that right about the same time I realize that there is a stuck spot in my body, is right about the time I start to bring it to balance or heal.  It doesn’t matter whether the “stuckness” is physical, emotional or spiritual – when the awareness comes – then I can take the steps to bring it to balance and harmony.

For myself,  I’ve discovered that some things don’t seem to want to shift too easily!  Although the yoga poses and the meditation practice starts to bring things to balance – sometimes I feel like I’m ready to move a “stuckness” more efficiently.

The subconscious mind holds on to some interesting things even when consciously we feel ready to release.  Just like in order to feel nurtured we might eat, or to feel macho a guy might smoke, or we might manifest pain in order to avoid a vulnerable situation.  But at some point these defense mechanisms may be outdated.    Through the cultivation of awareness of self – we may have the mature skills to nurture ourselves, or feel self-confident or address a vulnerable circumstance, but there can be a feeling inside that stops us from actually doing it.

Enter Hypnosis.  With hypnosis, we can gently go into the specific programing of the unconscious, and update the  hardware.  Just like we update the operating system of our computer when the information is outdated, we can do the same thing in our mind.

Hypnosis, then is about bringing the conscious desire for change into the depths of the subconscious mind so that the underlying program supports us in creating a life that works well.

Hypnotic Pain Relief

I knew my friend was in bad pain when I heard the slur in his words as he answered the phone.  My friend, who I’ll call “B” is attended by a naturopathic physician, so I didn’t expect B to be on vicaden and flexall.  As long as I’ve known him, B throws his back out occasionally and ends up missing a week or so of work.

B's Bad Back“You know I have a few little tools that can help with pain through hypnosis.   With your doctors referral, I’d be glad to help”  B got a referral from his doctor and we set a time to work together.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excruciating) B said his pain was at a constant 4-5 and spiked up 7-8 if he moved wrong.  He said it was like wearing a painful corset cinched too tight.  Additionally, he said it felt like he had a bear trap that would spring and clamp down on one side if he moved in the wrong way.

Somehow B got into a seated position and closed his eyes.  He didn’t look remotely comfortable, but was willing to follow my instructions.  We worked together in a state of waking hypnosis – meaning he was very present and communicating with me throughout the session.

For the next 35 minutes we went through a process to loosen and unravel the corset around his waist, and diffuse and soften the bear trap.  We turned both of these constructs into a soft velvety neoprene like sleeve that comfortably supported B’s lower back and gave him a feeling of safety.  We made sure this soft sleeve would communicate clearly and easily with B so if he was putting his body in a dangerous position, he would know it before any injury was caused.

At the end of the session the look of relief on my friends face and in his physical posture was profound.  On a scale of 1-10 he reported that his pain was at a zero.  Completely gone.

Coincidently, B has not thrown his back out since, and his doctor now refers other patients for hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help with both acute and chronic pain.  It can help with preparation and recovery from surgeries.  Hypnosis can be amazing for helping women prepare and go through labor and childbirth.  Hypnosis can be extremely beneficial to help manage stress and bring greater levels of grace and ease into life.  A doctors referral is required for hypnotic pain relief.

A short list of what Hypnosis can help

  • Stress Management:  find healthy thinking patterns to manage stress and feel better.  Hypnosis can help with changing perspective, optimism and hopefulness, and finding ease in life.
  • Relaxation:  Deep relaxation is part of the hypnotic process and all by itself has the ability to shift a person to more ease and grace.
  • Attaining Goals:  eliminate blocks and barriers, overcome fear, and get the proper motivation to move towards goals and dreams
  • Eliminating Fear & Phobia:  Reduce fears and phobias to manageable level.
  • Weight Reduction:  Get rid of habitual eating behaviors or addictions that lead to weight gain.  Eliminate comfort eating or emotional responses that involve food.
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Improve Sleep
  • Performance Enhancement:  Improve physical performance. Improve mental performance such as test-taking, memorization, focus, concentration, determination.  Improve ability to start or finish tasks.
  • Pain Relief:  Turn down or reduce chronic pain to manageable and functional levels so that the body can communicate but doesn’t debilitate.
  • Ease Grief:  Help natural giving process to flow with grace and ease.  Let go of past grief that gets in the way of fully living in the present
  • Spiritual Direction:  Access your own internal guidance to create a life of your true authenticity and passion.  Move your life in the direction of your deepest desires and dreams!
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Improved Health:  Boost immune system, help healing process, and keep pain at manageable level
  • Relationship Support:  attract satisfying relationships and overcome blocks to intimacy.
  • Preparation for dentistry or medical procedures:  Feel relaxed and confident going into procedures, reduce pain and heal more quickly
  • Stop teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • And more…

Many of the items on this list are commonly associated with Hypnosis. Others, perhaps not. In addition to the common uses of hypnosis, deep relaxation and feelings of peacefulness can occur. Clients frequently access a place of deep inner wisdom and grace and can shift perspective to a happier and more joyful or peaceful place in themselves. For more information, to make progress in any of these area of your life, set up your appointment:

Elizabeth Weber
Corvallis, Oregon
Hypnosis appointments can also be booked online at www.livewellstudio.com