Akashic Records

The archive of the soul and it’s journey.

The Akashic records are an energetic imprint of information of the soul’s journey throughout all time. Accessing the records can facilitate healing, grace, and understanding. Accessing the records can help facilitate the release of beliefs behaviors or thought patterns that are no longer useful. Anyone can learn to access the records – it is our birthright. Akashic records can also be opened for things, places or concepts like a business, a home or a pet. The records however, can only be opened if you have jurisdiction. You can access your records or the records of your business or home, but you would not be able to open your neighbors records or the records of their business or home.

How to Prepare for an Akashic Record Reading:

Elizabeth currently uses a non-denominational prayer which utilizes your current legal name. This is normally the name on your tax records. This name frequently has only a middle initial.   The current time is also identified by the everyday life questions that you bring to your session. Prepare questions that ask “how” or “why” or “what”. Yes/no questions and “when” questions are not as useful. Questions can be from the mundane to the level of soul purpose. For example: What is my life’s purpose? Is this relationship healthy for me? What are the possibilities if I open this new business? The records offer connection to this divine resource for joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

The Akashic records can be utilized in a single reading or can be opened as a part of a hypnosis session. Although not yet offering classes, Elizabeth is passionate about helping other’s to learn to access the Akashic Records. Private sessions can be scheduled to help you learn this valuable skill.

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