A short list of what Hypnosis can help

  • Stress Management:  find healthy thinking patterns to manage stress and feel better.  Hypnosis can help with changing perspective, optimism and hopefulness, and finding ease in life.
  • Relaxation:  Deep relaxation is part of the hypnotic process and all by itself has the ability to shift a person to more ease and grace.
  • Attaining Goals:  eliminate blocks and barriers, overcome fear, and get the proper motivation to move towards goals and dreams
  • Eliminating Fear & Phobia:  Reduce fears and phobias to manageable level.
  • Weight Reduction:  Get rid of habitual eating behaviors or addictions that lead to weight gain.  Eliminate comfort eating or emotional responses that involve food.
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Improve Sleep
  • Performance Enhancement:  Improve physical performance. Improve mental performance such as test-taking, memorization, focus, concentration, determination.  Improve ability to start or finish tasks.
  • Pain Relief:  Turn down or reduce chronic pain to manageable and functional levels so that the body can communicate but doesn’t debilitate.
  • Ease Grief:  Help natural giving process to flow with grace and ease.  Let go of past grief that gets in the way of fully living in the present
  • Spiritual Direction:  Access your own internal guidance to create a life of your true authenticity and passion.  Move your life in the direction of your deepest desires and dreams!
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Improved Health:  Boost immune system, help healing process, and keep pain at manageable level
  • Relationship Support:  attract satisfying relationships and overcome blocks to intimacy.
  • Preparation for dentistry or medical procedures:  Feel relaxed and confident going into procedures, reduce pain and heal more quickly
  • Stop teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • And more…

Many of the items on this list are commonly associated with Hypnosis. Others, perhaps not. In addition to the common uses of hypnosis, deep relaxation and feelings of peacefulness can occur. Clients frequently access a place of deep inner wisdom and grace and can shift perspective to a happier and more joyful or peaceful place in themselves. For more information, to make progress in any of these area of your life, set up your appointment:

Elizabeth Weber
Corvallis, Oregon
Hypnosis appointments can also be booked online at www.livewellstudio.com

2 thoughts on “A short list of what Hypnosis can help

  1. My daughter (age 14) woke up today, and commented on how she grinds her teeth at night when she sleeps. She said her jaw was a little tense/sore, and she’s commented on this before. My questions are as follows, do you do Hypnosis on minors (with their parent’s permission, of course), and how does hypnosis help with teeth grinding? What process do you use?

    • Hi there!

      I don’t work with kids unless I have a referral from a counselor or therapist or someone like that.

      Everyone’s a little different – so as far as process – I would take a direction based on what a person presents. First I usually use a very peaceful imagery with suggestions to relax jaw, neck and teeth – and proper dental posture (teeth apart, jaw relaxed and mouth closed). Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes we have to dig around to find what’s causing the problem and release it. Generally I reccomend 3 sessions for clenching. Reading or talking about something happy before sleep might do the trick.


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