Elizabeth with Lexi

Elizabeth Weber is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Bikram Yoga Instructor and Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Inspired by her own healing and growth, Elizabeth brings a breadth of education to combine science with yoga, healing, and hypnosis to have successfully guided a diverse set of clients to a healthier state of mind and body.

Elizabeth is the founder of Bikram Yoga in South Corvallis where she has been passionately teaching yoga since 2002.  She is certified by the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in Long Beach, California.   A degree in Chemistry & Biology is the foundation of Elizabeth’s education & she is known as an intuitive speaker and teacher and has a passion for assisting people to create the life of their dreams.

With a highly cultivated background in the sciences, Elizabeth found her passion when she graduated from Bikram’s Teacher Training.  Elizabeth’s journey led toward studies with Eric Pearl and “the Reconnection”, and the Orion Network for Evolution.  She discovered that the teachings of yoga and the healing work came together in a lovely way with hypnosis.  Elizabeth is also an Akashic Records Reader.  The combination of a strong science background, and an education in the healing arts allows her a wide diversity in working with clients of many different belief structures and backgrounds.

Hypnosis, Energy Healing and accessing knowledge through the Akashic Records all combine to help you find a true leap forward in your self-expression. Meet with Elizabeth to create a plan to remove the blocks and barriers that keep you from expressing your true self. Through a process uniquely tailored to you, Elizabeth will help you gain understanding and expansion through the knowledge and healing available in the Akashic Records. Remove blocks and barriers of the unconscious mind through hypnosis and lighten your spiritual self to receive more divine or universal guidance through energy work or activations. This work can be specific to your health, work, creativity, well-being and more.

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